When hitting hard costs you shots

When hitting hard costs you shots

From what I can see, all golfers really want is to play better golf and have more fun doing it.

Golf is a demanding game though and to play up to a level that matches your expectation is sometimes challenging.

Around every corner there is a person or product that promises you that their tool, trick, aid, device is the answer to playing better golf.

From my 25 years of experience as a college golfer, professional golfer and golf coach, I know that there are NO magic bullets. The only way to get better, is to follow a proven process:

  1. Identify the problem accurately

  2. Come up with a sound plan for improvement

  3. Implement the plan to fix the problem

Sometimes there is a quick solution to a problem and other times it takes a bit of time to solve the problem.

The biggest waste though, is spending time on something that makes no difference to your game. It is also super frustrating to spend your time and money on a solution that is just not a solution.

In this video I use Golf Stats Coach to help identify a problem and area for improvement, in a very good junior player’s game. I point out how hitting it hard, is costing him shots.

Use these principles with your own game and start the process to play better golf.