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Our strokes gained golf stats app will help you identify the areas in your game you need to work on

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Edoardo Molinari
“Edoardo Molinari chose the Golf Stats Coach app for all his students at the Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy. Edoardo was one of the first professional golfers to use in-depth stats to improve his game and the fact that he chose Golf Stats Coach to help all the players at his academy is a great validation for Golf Stats Coach! He will also work closely with Golf Stats Coach behind the scenes to help them develop their app and make sure that any golfer will benefit from his vast experience and knowledge of golf and stats.”
— Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy
Before I started using Golf Stats Coach, I was guessing what parts of my game I needed to practice. Now I know what to work on and I make my practice times count.
— Herman du Plessis - South African under 15 Champion
Golf Stats Coach is a great tool for coaches like myself. I love the fact that I get a report after each round my students play. It gives me peace of mind that we’re working on the right things.
— Amandeep Johl - Indian National Coach, former European Tour Player

Download our strokes gained golf stats App


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Download our strokes gained golf stats App

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